Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I’m as close to God as I choose to be.

God always acts in your best interest, even when it is painful and you don't understand it.

Trust is truly an important component of a relationship.  It is one of the foundations of a healthy relationship.  Without which relationship won’t last.  It’s easy to tell God that I trust Him, but it’s difficulty to prove and show it.  My family and I have gone through a lot of trials and challenges in life.  There was a point in my life when I was to give up and question God for the all the bad things that happened in my life.  One of the sources of my hope and strength during those times was my parents.  I have not seen nor heard them complaining to God even though everything we had was lost.  We had a painful and unforgettable past.  I had difficulty understanding the reason behind that tragedy, and so I began to lose my confidence in God.  Thank God that He did not give up on me!  Thank God that He did not leave me alone.  Thank God that my family and I survived.  It’s only now that I discovered the very purpose and reason behind everything that happened to us.  I won’t be the successful, stronger, God-fearing and super blessed person I am now without the sad, unpleasant, hopeless and tragic past that I had.  Everything happens for a reason.  God knows and desires what’s best for me even though it’s painful and I cannot understand it.  Now, I completely trust God, my BestFriend.

Lord, I pray that You always call my name so that I won’t leave your side.  Remind me that You’re a good friend of mine who won’t give up on me.  Thanks for the trust!  Thanks for the love!  Thanks for the friendship. I love you my Friend. Amen.

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