Touching Videos

God works in our lives in many ways possible. He loves us so much that he will never miss an opportunity to communicate with us. In these videos, you will see how God, through various people in our lives, and even circumstances and experiences, communicates His message of love to us. So, sit back, relax and be ready to be inspired by these videos... :)

God shows His love...

...through your experiences, telling you: "You are special and talented! Stay positive!"

...through other people saying: "I am in them, how you treat them is the same to Me..."

...through our parents telling us: "You are never alone in this life!"

...even through our mentors/ coaches telling us: "Don't give up on Me!"

...through our partners in life saying: "Who says I have to stop loving you?"

...even through disabled people telling you: "Enjoy life! You deserve it!"

...through His other creations saying: "We are friends!"

More videos coming up! So stay tuned! Stay inspired!

God loves you!

Let GO and let GOD! :)