Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's the Climb

For a time now, I have experienced climbing mountains. So far, I have been through three, and I can say that it is truly an exhilarating, adrenaline-rushing experience. 

And today, I wish to share to you three things I have learned throughout the experience:

First lesson: Hands

During the climb, you will never know what you will be facing. It may be a steep climb, a rocky or a narrow path. And it is comforting to know that as you walk through these, there are hands that are more than willing to extend its help when you find it tough to go on. I remember, during one hike wherein one of our group members tripped and felt a stinging pain on her foot. Unfortunately, none among us knew how to deal with the situation. Thankfully, one of those among another group ahead of us did. She did not hesitate to stop and help out our group member. After that, she was back to walking as if nothing happened to her foot. 

I believe it is the same with our lives. We should never be stingy in offering a helping hand to someone who needs it the most. Maybe there is someone in your family that you need to reach out to. A friend may be going through the toughest moment in his life. Always be on the lookout for someone who might be in need of help.

Second lesson: Held

Some parts during the trek, it will be difficult for anyone in the group. And it is just amazing that nature has provided things that we can hold on to assist us during the climb such as trees, sturdy plants and roots. In my experience so far, I couldn't imagine climbing the steep parts of these mountains without these trees for me to hold on to. These trees and plants also help as you start descending from the mountain. 

And again, same with our lives. When things get tough or you seem to experience a downfall in your life, remember that there is always something that you can hold on to - and that is God. Jesus said that if we remain in Him, we will bear much fruit, for without Him, we cannot do anything. (John 15:5) Life can surely get rough at times, but if you just keep holding on to your faith, holding on to God's promises, you will surely get through.

Last lesson: High

The goal in climbing is of course, reaching the summit. It would be useless and a total waste of effort if you don't. The highest peak I have reached so far is at 811 feet. And it is not easy getting there. You would have to go through a lot before finally reaching the summit. 

Which leads me to my point. Let's face it: life is not always a breeze. For the most part, you have to go through numerous trials and challenges. It is all part of life. Some can be handled easily, others are just plain difficult to deal with. But if you are patient enough to go through those and keep holding on to your faith: in the help and grace of God in your life, you can surely move mountains, (Matthew 21:21) and you will soar high like the eagle. (Isaiah 40:31)

And the best part? As you have reached the summit, you just can't help but keep your 


as a sign of thanksgiving to God for keeping you safe and enabling you to witness His marvelous creation like never before.

Stay inspired. :)

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  1. I needed to read this today. My character was attacked by someone who doesn't know me at all. I've been telling myself all day that God has got this. He has me in His arms and loves me. This was a few reassuring words to keep my eyes on Jesus. Not the world. Thank you to whoever you are out there. The funny thing is I don't even climb. Blessings to you.