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As they say:

The BEST things in life are free!

So, here's a treat for all of you dear friends and followers! I will be providing free Inspirational Wallpapers for you!

These are good pictures indeed! These are my favorite quotes, bible passages and principles in life.  I'm the one who took the pictures and edited them.  Very inspiring and some of which you can share with and friends and use yourselves. :)

Feel free to click the photos to download them, and then please share to others! I'll be posting more in the next couple of days. Stay posted and please sign up to our mailing list so that you can be updated with my latest posts:

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Father, I thank You for your guiding hands that leads me through life. Never leave my side, Lord. I want to move forward with my life. Let nothing stop me from pressing forward to the divine destiny You have in store for me.

Father, I now pray for all my hopes and my dreams. You know the deepest desires of my heart.

Father, You are my provider. You have blessed me with so much...that my heart screams of thanksgiving for all that You have done for me. I thank You Father for you never left me empty. For You have always provided just when I thought I was lacking.

Father, bless me with what I really need in life. I place my great trust in You that You only want what is best for me. You have promised that a great plan is ahead of me. I hold on to that promise, Lord. I believe and trust in Your gracious providence.

Father, I surrender my life to You. I live for You alone. I will live all my days praising and loving You no matter what happens.

Indeed, the mind of God is far different from the mind of man.
There are things in life which are beyond our comprehension.
Most of the time we question God because we cannot see the
logic and purpose behind the things happening in life.
But, God works beyond logic and human understanding.
We just have to trust the God is in control, and everything
which is under His control will never go out of control.
Trust that He is in charge. He knows best!

No matter how many times I fail, God will never run out of love,
patience and understanding for me.  He is a Dad who will patiently
be with me as I learn, grow and mature.  He will always be there to 
watch over me and guide me.  Even though people have given up on me,
God will still give me another chance to stand up.  He will not get
mad at me, leave me nor hate me because He knows that I can do it.

My God cares about me.  There is no moment in my life
that He is not with me.  He knows what I have been through.
He understand what I am going through.  He has not left my side.
He has been faithful to His promises.  I entrust my life to God.
He knows me better than I know myself.
He knows what is best for me.

I have a God who loves me so much!  
He understands, accepts and loves everything about me.
My God is a loving and forgiving Father to me.
I won't exchange this relationship with Him 
for anything else in this world.

Lord, I know that You desire what is best for me.  
I'm entrusting everything to You.  Even though I don't understand
the things happening in my life,  I believe that everything happens
for a reason.  All things work together my good.  I will not complain. 
I will not blame you.  I will allow Your hands to move in my life.
I will bask in Your loving arms and let You mold me into
the person You want me to be. Amen!

Lord, my God, continue to remind me that You are a BIG and GREAT GOD!
Even though I'm surrounded by sufferings and pains,
Even though I experience many problems and difficulties in life,
I still believe Lord God that You are bigger and more powerful than them.
I won't be defeated and be crushed by them as long as I have You in my life!
Your are bigger than anything in this world! Amen! 

Lord, thank You for You never fail to help and guide me.
You never stop loving me even at my darkest hour.
You're my light and guide.  I can't live without You.  

Lord, I still believe that You're still in control.  
I will be still and know that You're in charge.

Lord, I need You in my life.
Be with me in facing my storms.
Help me go through my storms.
I can't do it alone.

Thanks Lord for being my refuge and strength.
In You I find peace, joy and comfort.
I cast unto You all my fears, worries and cares.

Lord, I'm ready for an overflow of blessings from You!
Bless me more so that I will be able to bless others as well!

Thank you Lord for not leaving nor forsaking me!
Thanks for not giving up on me.

It's an honor Lord to be Your child.  
I will forever treasure You love!

I won't allow anyone to steal my joy.
I'm in full control of my life!
I'm blessed and happy!

Lord, thanks for loving me unconditionally and completely!
Your love is more than enough for me to live and survive in this world!

All things will work together for our good!  
Let's trust that God knows best.  
He knows what He is doing.

God's love is eternal.
God will never stop loving us no matter what happens.
There is nothing we can do that will make Him love us less.

Don't be afraid! 
We have a BIG GOD!  
He is bigger than any problem, trial or difficulty we face in life.

Win your morning in order for you to win your day!  

Lord, I'm ready for an overflow of blessings in all areas of my life!
Open up the floodgates of heaven!

Indeed, nothing is impossible with God!
He alone is our sure help and reliable friend!

I serve a big God! I will not give up
because He is more than enough for me!

Thanks Lord for You never stop thinking of me.
Thanks Lord for Your heart never stop beating for me.
I will forever be grateful for Your love.


  1. Thank you for your pictures, praise the Lord. I have had a tough life, but know in comparison of a child in a poor country, it is easy. I have too many looses in life, I have the most important Jesus as my savor. I need prayer for I am asking God to take away depression, dispair, sadness and all that has caused me grief.

    1. Be Blessed for he cares for you and will carry you...

    2. i am 35 male from india lost my job 6 months ago cannot find a new one yet finding it very tough to earn my livelihood for my family i am in acute depression no one is helping me whereever i go i recieve failure i am completely depressed it looks like giving up. kindly help me

    3. I bind the spirit of depression in the name of Jesus. Believe on him for he will never leave you nor forsake you. God had all power in his hands...faint not my son I am with you. Raise up and walk...lean and trust me for your every need. Read...St. John 5 chapter.

    4. Family in need...Please help.

  2. God is Love, that keeps me stronger that showed and comforted me through my life. I thank God for his Grace Everyday by day forgive what grievance you may have against one another Forgive as As the Lord forgave you and over all these virtue put on Love w/c bind them all together in perfect vanity .

  3. How do I download the wallpapers? I clicked on the picture as you instructed, but it just popped up in another page and no place to download.
    Thank you

  4. Mary Alice, You have to right click on the picture and then click on save picture as, and it will download to your computer. God Bless and I hope it works for you.

  5. I am in need of the doctor for my health is really bad & a place to stay because i stay night to night anywhere i can. No job and i am just so tired of going from place to place trying to make it every day. This is all i have left to maybe help myself. I know its hard for everyone but any amount help. Send to paypal acct. .jimmyrich31 at yahoo dot com. Direct info donate what ever you can .thank you and may god bless all your dreams...amen''

  6. Thanks a lot for these inspiring're right..God knows best..He knows what he's doing..i'm totally sad with what happened to me right now..but what could I do without following God's all we know..He's the clay and we are the potter..we are the works of His what I could do is just keep praying to Him so that I able to follow up His master plan with full strength from the Holy Spirit..and..may my life full of blessing from Mother Mary..Amen~

  7. Thank you this has helped me so much today I need to read all of Quotes

  8. Hi all i think am So younger Than all of u ... And i want ur blessings to increase my faith on god and it would be inspire to my aged guys

    now am coming to this posts
    hie dear i am really enjoying what ur uploading

    and is was very good work what u have done !!

    may god bless u my elder .. in the mighty and mercy god jesus ... i wish u all good

  9. My aunt just had back surgery and I am suffering from RA and Fibromyalgia and we are both suffering with pain. I saw, read, shared and felt the power of that prayer come over me. Thank You for allowing us to post these wonderful words in hopes that it reaches out to someone in need. Misty Osborne

  10. What a mighty GOD we serve....

  11. The Lord led me to your page - thank you - I so need to hear His love for me right now.

  12. Thank u this site has truly blessed me.

  13. Thank you. God Bless you the site is too inspirationanl!

  14. Please pray for me . I have been going thought alot this year . I have been liar on and cheat on and beat on . Am lose faith . And I think am going last . I been crying everyday . Please pray that the devil stop attack me .

    1. Father, I lift up your daughter Vonetta...please let her know she's never alone, that you are with her....encamp your Angels around her to keep her in all her ways (Ps. 91) her protector, all her needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus....Amen!

    2. Vonetta, you are not alone, I am praying and I KNOW THAT GOD WILL BLESS YOU and I pray that He will liberate you from your abuser! You are His child, fearfully and wonderfully made PRAISE HIM right now for your deliverance (Psalm 139:14). Amen and so it is!

    3. Vonetta, cast all your cares upon God, for He will never leave you nor forsake you. Sometimes we may have to endure for awhile, but keep your faith in Him, no matter what. He will always come through in His time because God always knows what's best for us. We may not always understand it now, but we will one day. I will pray for you my sister in Christ! Expect great things to happen in your life! You're a child of the one true King

  15. I really need to see this page today thanks

  16. Reading the Inspirational quotes about God one by one have inspired me to not worry about my health and finances. Thanks for sharing free wallpapers with awesome quotes.

    Continue being a blessing to others!

  17. Thank you! Very inspirational. God led me to this page, to let me know how much He loves me. I feel blessed, will share this to others so they'll feel blessed as well. Let's be a blessing to others! Thank you Lord! To you be the glory now and forever. Amen!


  19. I have been going through so much.I simply refuse to turn back to my old life.I know God is in trials won't last always. I thank God for loving me.

  20. Thanks so much it has been a blessing to me to read here !!
    Praise the Lord for His mercy endureth forever !

  21. Reading this quotes was so overwhelming I pray to God that my life would be better I know believing in God everything is possible and I LOVE U LORD AMeN

  22. God with all the things i got going on in my life right now i still manage not to give up, because all my faith is in you and your soon Jesus Christ....i have went from above to beyond....i can bearly do for my kids at this time but as i continue to pray i know you know my struggle and that every thing will be ok thought time....No matter what i go thought i may stress but i will never let it bring me down because all things are possible with with God and his son Jesus on your life!!!! I'm just in need of prayer so please pray for me everyone and remember never to give up on anything because there's a way and that's GODS WAY!!!=)

  23. “No Body is Perfect.” That's not in the Bible!

    There are so many reasons why some believers profess “No body is perfect.”

    There are even more important reason why believers should remove that thoughts and communication far from them.

    Time to consider the power of things you profess. Not only can we prevent that blessing from becoming a reality in our life; many unaware are professing something they can’t possibly know.

    There isn't anyone who knows everyone; knowing their inner state, way of living, thoughts and heart’s desire; except God. Thus, no one should be declaring what everyone in the world is or is not; except by revelations from the Holy Spirit.

    Accept the fact there have been those whom God declare as perfect; made prefect by God.

    God has not changed, He did cause some men to be perfect before Him, even in the earth. Jesus said "be ye perfect; thus it is not only a Blessing that He spoke but his desire as we clearly see in Rev chapter 2 and 3; Rev 3:2 is very clear about the required state. There is no need to try and defined your position or state, just receive the truth of the matter, and the LORD will manifest in due season.

    It is written…

    Genesis 6:8-9 (KJV)
    8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.
    9 These are the generations of Noah: Noah Was A Just Man and Perfect In His Generations, and Noah walked with God.

    Job 1:1 (KJV)
    1 There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and That Man Was Perfect and Upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.

    Philippians 3:15 (KJV)
    15 Let us therefore, As Many As Be PERFECT, be thus minded: and if in anything ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you.

    There should not be any debate in your mind about being perfect, for these text shows it very clear. There should be however, a question… “What is perfection?” Answer; Perfection is simply maturity, completeness, purity, flawlessness…

    So, can anyone be mature in love? Has anyone been made complete by Christ? Are there those who have been purified by His Holy Blood? Has anyone been made flawless to God, by Christ and the sanctification of the Holy Spirit? The answer to all these is Yes. Perfection is not something you do; perfection is not just a way we live, it is something we become by receiving it from God.

    Oh what an Awesome God we believe and server. Hallelujah, Alleluia, Halleluiah Abba

    Beloved fellow-servant, receive the blessing of perfection by faith through grace; that you may grow from faith (belief) to faith (actions) and receive the blessing of God in and from Christ. We have been made perfect in Christ, follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Christ (The Word of God) shall be perfected in us (you); by the satisfaction of the Holy Spirit who works in you to fulfill and manifest the words and will of God.

    May this and all Blessing in Christ come into all who call on the name of the LORD from a pure heart and a humble spirit; in full assurance of the faithfulness of Christ; The author and finisher of our faith (belief and actions).

  24. praise the living. God is awesome and marvelous, i have seen His HAND in my life since i was young. All i ask is that lets always put our trust in the lord and all shall be well. always remember Jeremiah 32:27

  25. All I can say is thank you Jesus and I love you Jesus. I am going through a lot but I know better days are coming. I will continue to put my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ

  26. I'm 62 & have been in a wheelchair since 2008. I'm now about 95% bedridden & the doctors don't know why. Made my 1st trip to the Mayo clinic in August of this year & will go back in October for 3 more days of tests. I have a large, wonderful, supportive family & a loving church family. Please pray that God is ready to show the doctors what's wrong & at least ease the pain even if He wants me to stay in the wheelchair. I pray that God is using me to help someone. I know that it has taught me humility. Thank you

  27. I would like to this posted on my face book timeline.

  28. My 18 year old daughter is about too be homeless. She suffers from sciatica, in constant pain therefore can't finish school and is pointless to find work. can't let her live with me, have tiny apartment, not enough space for us. Please Lord bless with appropriate housing!

  29. My name is Justin i am 23 years old i am from Nigeria my father die since 12 years ago since my father died i have never find a better day in my life pls i need help from peoples i can be your slave but pls i need help God bless you as you help the poor

  30. My name is Robert, my dear friend Nicole suffer from a type brain tumors, she seems to be good in spirt, but her health worries me, Lord please look over Nicole, and though you Lord give her doctors the wisdom to treat her illness so she is in good heath. Please pray for my good friend Nicole Lin, God bless all
    Thank you Rob

  31. The love that God has shone to me is husband and I are out of work with medical issues and I'm the only one with a small amount of money coming in. Incredibly stressful as you can imagine.please pray with and for us. God bless.

  32. Thanks for giving us these motivational wallpapers. I also like this very much: No one dictates our own lives but us alone. We are the driver :)

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  36. Quotes that are very much positive and uplifting as these are my favorite. At least, it gives a little comfort and hope. These are also very helpful when you like to send to your loved ones and friends who are under unpleasant circumstances. Thanks for sharing, I would love to add some of these to my personal favorite.
    God bless always!
    Best Inspirational Quotes

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