Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gifts with Extraordinary Wrappings and Trappings

God puts difficult people in our midst for both their benefit and ours.  They are an opportunity for growth and a test of fellowship.

God has always good reasons and purpose why He permits unpleasant things to happen in our lives, and why He allows difficult people to cross our paths.  Some may view this as a punishment from God.  In truth, they are blessings in disguise.  I firmly believe that because of God’s love, care and concern for us, He has been showering upon us blessings and sending us gifts.  Although these gifts may be wrapped or packaged in different ways, and sometimes in the least we expect it, we need to view problems, trials and even difficulty people that God is sending us gifts as well.  They may not be wrapped in the way we want and expect it, but behind the wrappings and trappings are blessings and gifts that God wants us to receive.  I must admit that it is not easy for me to deal with difficult people.  I easily lose my patience and give up on them.  But, I need to consider them as opportunities for growth.  God is sending me these difficult people because He wants to mold and form my character.  He wants me to grow and become more mature, stronger, more loving and more understanding.  In doing so, I am shaped and molded into the person He wants me to be.

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