Monday, September 23, 2013

Human Billboard

God wants to speak to the world through you.
When I was asked by someone give an adjective that best describes myself, I told her “SuperBlessed.” God has been so good and generous to me.  I am amazed by all the blessings and surprises that God has given me.  He has been blessing the different areas of my life abundantly.  I am so happy and grateful for this.  I believe that God has a purpose for doing such to me.  Despite the tragedies and pain I had in the past, God still continues to prove that He is a faithful God.  And I believe that He wants my life to be His message to the world.  
I believe God will lead me to those people who are giving up and desperate.  I want to be a prophet of hope to them.  I don’t necessarily have to open my mouth and tell people how loving and good God is.  People will just witness it through the life I’m living right now.  I’m living the best life that God desires me to have.  And I believe that best things are still coming.  This is just a foretaste and preview of what God has prepared for me.  I am a human billboard of God.  God will use me to tell the whole world how great and loving He is.  Every time people will see my life, they will be reminded that there is a God who loves them unconditionally.

Dear God, let my life be a living testimony of Your faithfulness, love and goodness.  I’m ready to receive an explosion of blessings and surprises from You.  May my life be a blessing and inspiration to others as well. Amen.

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